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    Tristen is an Indigenous writer, critic, researcher, and teacher. He is a current Wheeler Centre ‘The Next Chapter’ recipent, working on a book of poetry. He is a researcher in art history and teaches at the Victorian College of the Arts. Tristen’s writing is published in Australian and international publications including The Saturday Paper, The New York Times Style magazineThe Monthly, ArtReview, Overland Journal, Art Almanac,Un Magazine, Metro magazine, Art + Australia, amongst others.

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2 black swans surfing at surger’s paradise. I meditatie daily –- so do i --. Boab in Darwin City carpark -- bloated trunk, might be full of water, light brown bulla bark that looks wet, shimmering, pink star on the river’s rippled surface. In the dry season the boab sheds its oily green leaves and its knotted branches freeze in the light. goanna -- slsssslelpsssssssslepslepslslpeslepslslsp. cut of granite.